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An American expert wrote about Rolland Bows: "They are a fine investment and can be considered the eventual equals of Peccattes' and Tourtes."

In 2012, Benoît Rolland was awarded a MacArthur Fellowship (commonly known as "Genius grant") that distinguished him as one of the great Masters of the French tradition of bow making.

With close to 1, 500 pernambuco bows made and sold, Benoît Rolland proved the regularity of his production in quality and number. He works alone and creates each bow himself. The musicality, playability and aesthetics achieved in his bows place them at the highest level. Since three decades, many of the main soloists chose to play his bows on stage.

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Collectors understand the investment value of a Rolland bow:

Each Rolland bow is signed and accompanied with a certificate of authenticity. The mark is branded on the stick. BENOIT ROLLAND® is a Registered Trademark in the Principal Register of the United States of America.

The 2 trademarks Spiccato® and Galliane™ embody Benoît Rolland's innovative bows that transformed bowmaking and bow playing.

The market value of Rolland bows steadily increased over the past 42 years to now reach the highest range of retail prices for a living bowmaker. About 60% of the early bows made by Benoît Rolland have already changed hands at a profit.

Auction houses that now regularly feature Rolland bows in their catalogs (Sotheby's in London, among the Menuhin collection in the 1999; Skinner in Boston; Tarisio, Boston & London). In March 2009, Sothesby's London auctioned 4 Rolland bows as part of the estate of a collector; the gold mounted violin bow made by Benoît in 1987 broke a record: for the first time on the international auction market history, a modern bow was reaching a higher value than a Sartory and a FN Voirin.

A Californian collection already gathers one bow of each period marking an evolution in Rolland's style.

After more than 40 years of use around the world, no Rolland bow has lost its original quality. Musicians conduct comparative blind tests in symphony halls, and find that Rolland bows consistently match, and sometimes surpass the quality of historical bows.

Media worldwide publish about Rolland's work. The Wall Street Journal published an editorial about Rolland bows.

Please be aware that a few inauthentic copies bearing unauthorized stamps of the Rolland name or mark are in circulation and sometimes appear on the web. Please contact us if you have any doubt regarding the authenticity of a Rolland bow.

Rolland Bows as works of Art

Rolland's signature and mark

Benoit Rolland, a registered trade mark

Spiccato, a registered trade mark


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